Our Name

“Breath of God” is one way of referring to the Holy Spirit. The Bible uses two primary words, one Hebrew and one Greek, for the Holy Spirit:

  • Ruach—Hebrew for breath, wind, and spiritbreath of god website
  • Pneuma—Greek for breath, wind, and spirit

Whenever these words show up in the Bible, whenever the Holy Spirit shows up, things happen. Things change. New things come into being. New life is created. New gifts are discovered. Individuals and entire communities are transformed.

In Genesis 1, God’s breath moved across the surface of the water and God began to create the world.

In Genesis 2, God’s breath entered into a lump of clay God had created; and the lump of clay became alive, became Adam.

In Exodus 8, God’s breath moved across the surface of the water, creating a safe path through the sea for Moses and the Jewish people to escape to freedom.

In Ezekiel 37, God’s breath turned a valley of dry bones into a valley filled with living people.

In Acts 2, God’s breath transformed a cowardly group of disciples into courageous and confident public speakers, capable of telling about Jesus in every language in the world.

We believe that the Spirit of God, the breath of God, is moving in this neighborhood and in this new Christian community. We believe that God is bringing new life, is bringing new opportunities, is helping create and strengthen our diverse community, and is transforming individuals and families. And we seek to be part of God’s transforming work in our neighborhood.