Our Leadership

Ministry Teams

We have six ministry teams which help create, shape, guide, and support the work that God is calling us to do, especially within Southeast Baltimore. Each team has two leaders-among-leaders, many of whom also serve on the congregation council. Those leaders-among-leaders gather other people from the community who have gifts, passion, and energy for serving in that way.

Those teams are:







Church Council

Our congregation council members serve two year terms. Elections take place in June, and new terms begin on September 1st. Council meetings take place the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm--all are welcome to attend.

The council members for this year include Matthew Herzberg (president), Bob Berlett (vice president), Sarah Forcino (treasurer), Mary MacDonald (financial secretary), Mary Miller (secretary) Joe Burk, Megan Logan, Joyce Rice, Erica Stacey, , and Pastor Mark.

The Pastor

Pastor Mark grew up in Otterbein (South Baltimore) with his twin brother Andrew and his awesome parents. He graduated from St. Paul’s School, the University of Maryland, and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He absolutely loves his home city and has explored all different parts of it for work, school, community service, and fun. Around town, Mark has worked for the City of Baltimore, the Downtown Sailing Center, and Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland hospitals. He loves to sail, hike, sing, read, bike, play football, watch the Terps, and meet new people. Mark and his wife Christine (also a pastor) have one son (in first grade at Patterson Park Public Charter School) and one  daughter, an Amazon parrot, and a stolen cat. And occasionally we dog-sit our Siberian Husky in-law.

Mark is here in this neighborhood for you—even if you’ve never set foot in a church in your life, and don’t intend to do so. Maybe one day you have a question about God, or need someone to talk to, or wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly realize that you desperately need a pastor… then give him a call. In the morning. If you would like to listen to a selection of the sermons preached at Breath of God, you can click here.