Our Neighborhood

Our mission field is all of Southeast Baltimore: Little Italy to O’Donnell Heights, Canton to Patterson Park. Our immediate walking neighborhoods are Patterson Park, Highlandtown, and Baltimore Highlands. These are some of the most diverse and exciting neighborhoods in the city: blocks filled with long-time residents, new arrivals, immigrants, people of many nationalities and ethnicities, and lots of young people. We are two blocks from the beautiful Patterson Park, the best backyard in Baltimore.

This is a great place to be and a great place to do God’s work. There is plenty more work to be done: families in crisis, schools in need of help, poverty, drug addiction, and at-risk children and teenagers. We believe it is our calling from God to work together with everyone in this neighborhood to bring about new life, opportunities, and transformation. This is a great part of Baltimore and we are excited to bring people together from across the area to share God’s love and do God’s work.